The Best Services Where You Can Buy Bitcoin in Canada

/The Best Services Where You Can Buy Bitcoin in Canada

The Best Services Where You Can Buy Bitcoin in Canada

There is no doubt that the world of bitcoin is becoming bigger and bigger every day and with that more and more brokers are appearing all over the world allowing bitcoin users and potential users to acquire them easily and quickly. If you are a Canadian citizen and you want to buy bitcoin, then this article is perfect for you because we will introduce you to a few companies that are amongst the best out there so that you can make the purchase with as much information available to you as possible.


This company actually allows customers from almost any country to buy bitcoins by using either a credit or a debit card and the fee on every purchase is around 6%. Something that is great about Coinmama is that if you are buying less than $150 worh of bitcoins then there will be no need for you to verify your identity which is very convenient. It is also a great bonus that it works in almost all countries, has the highest limit for buying bitcoins with a credit card and is a very reliable and trusted broker, which means you are in good hands. Probably the biggest drawback is the fact that is has some of the highest fees amongst brokers that allow you to buy bitcoins with a credit or debit card.

Canadian Bitcoins

As the name suggests, this is a bitcoin exchange that is based in Canada and if you choose to go for this company then you will have a bunch of payment options to choose from like Bill Payment via online banking, Cash via mail, Debit and Cash in person if you are in the Ottawa area, Flexepin voucher and so on. This wide variety of payment options are definitely a bonus and this broker can also handle large purchases of bitcoins, anywhere up to $100.00 or more and the interface is very easy to use, which is especially great for first-time buyers. One of the biggest cons about Canadian Bitcoins is the fact that many of the payment methods that are offered by this broker are not private ways to buy bitcoin.


This is the world’s largest Euro-denominated bitcoin exchange that is based on a daily average trading volume. It supports deposits form European, US, British, Japanese and Canadian customers and all deposits can be made via SEPA, SWIFT, bank wire and if you are in Japan via a bank deposit as well. Some of the pros are that this is a well-financed and trusted exchange that takes very low taker fee, as well as a very low maker fee when there is sufficient trading. The broker is also very highly rated when it comes to security, which is always a big concern. The downsides are that the user-interface usually makes it really difficult for first time buyers and transactions require ID verification, so they can never be private.

There are a lot of broker options out there that will be great for you to buy bitcoin from Canada, but in our opinion these are some of the best and they definitely deserve your consideration because we believe they will help you get your bitcoins fast and easy.

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