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Top 4 Sites Where You Can Buy Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple In Canada

Is your dream to start trading or owning cryptocurrencies?  This is an awesome and a viable idea considering the world is on its way to virtualization.  However, you are wondering whether it is possible to buy your favorite coins such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Ripple in Canada. The challenge is because all you see are the digital coin values displayed in US dollar value.

But does it mean you cannot purchase cryptocurrencies using CAD? And if you can, where will you buy them from?

Certainly, you can use your Canadian dollars to buy Bitcoins and other coins. Here are the four sites where you can buy cryptocurrencies:

a.    Coinbase

 Coinbase is a leading Bitcoin exchange situated in the United States. It is a recognized and a legitimate investment.  Coinbase started operations in 2012 and receives financing from reputable banks and financial institutions.  Now that it is an American firm how comes it is a recommended platform for a person living in Canada?

This question might be troubling your mind as you read this part. However, despite the company’s location, cryptocurrency purchasing takes place through the virtual platform. Hence, no worry about the location of the exchange as long as it offers the cryptocurrencies you are seeking.

Away from that, Coinbase accepts different currencies such as Canadian dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro and of course, the US dollar. As such, you do not have to struggle finding USD converter to transact on the platform

Accordingly, Coinbase offers you an opportunity to buy significant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Also, it is considered one of the safest Bitcoin exchange due to its substantial ground and connection with reputable firms in the United States.

b.    Kraken

The next Bitcoin exchange you can buy your choice of cryptocurrencies is Kraken. This exchange is popular in the European continent. However, just like the Coinbase, you can buy digital currencies as long as you have a trading account with them.

Also, this platform accepts Canadian dollars and other mainstream currencies.  The good thing about the exchange is that it offers more than 10 cryptocurrencies. Hence, you can buy significant digital coins such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ripples, Ethereum, and Zcash among others.

c.    Bitstamp

Apart from Kraken and Coinbase, Bitstamp is the next place you can buy virtual currencies. According to ranking, it is the 3rd largest Bitcoin exchange in the world concerning cryptocurrency volumes. The upper hand of this platform is it easy to use nature. Even if you are a new entrant in the digital coin trade, you do not need a Bitcoin guru to transact on this platform.

Hence, it is voted the best choice for those seeking great user experiences. However, Bitstamp suffered an online fraud due to hacking but the situation changed and it updated its security feature. As such, you do not have to worry about trading on the platform.  Also, you can buy most of the coins and cryptocurrencies of your choice from this platform without having to convert your Canadian Dollars into other fiat currencies.

d.   Coinsquare

As they say, east or west home is the best. As a Canadian seeking to join the Bitcoin millionaires by dipping your leg in the cryptocurrency trade, Coinsquare is here for you. This is a Canadian based exchange platform. The platform enables you to buy or sell your digital coins using your local currency. Also, you can trade Bitcoins and other altcoins such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and others. 

With this information, you now know where you can get cryptocurrencies. Hence, you have the necessary basics to set your feet on the digital coin business.